Instructions for the Profile Administration of persolog Online.


The Profile Administration is the platform for managing online profiles for persolog Online. Users can here

  • view their acquired online profiles,

  • create projects and

  • manage participants.

For each participant, the questionnaire can be sent and the status of the profile can be tracked throughout the participant’s progress through the questionnaire and profile creation after successful questionnaire completion.

This guide provides an overview of

  • all functions of Profile Administration,

  • from the purchase of online profiles

  • to the administration of projects

  • to downloading profiles.

For additional questions, change requests and feedback please contact our support team.

How to get persolog Online on your homescreen

You can easily get persolog Online on your homescreen on all mobile devices. This saves you a lot of effort and gives you access to your online profiles right at your fingertips.

And this is how it works for iOS (Safari)

  1. Enter the domain once in the browser of your mobile device

Save persolog Online as App
Save persolog Online as App
  1. Select via the upload icon user 'Add to Home Screen'.

Add persolog Online to Home Screen
Add persolog Online to Home Screen
  1. Change the name if necessary and click on 'Add'.

Change App Name
Change App Name
  1. You should now have a new icon on your homescreen. Clicking on it will take you directly to persolog Online.

And this is how it works for Android (Google Chrome)

  1. Enter the domain once in the browser of your mobile device.

  2. Select 'Add to Home screen' via the dots in the upper right corner.

Save persolog Online as Android App
Save persolog Online as Android App
  1. Change the name if necessary and click on 'Add'.

Change App Name (Android)
Change App Name (Android)
  1. You should now have a new icon on your Home screen. Clicking on it will take you directly to persolog Online.

Account and registration

How to log in with your persolog account

To use the Profile Administration, you need an account. If you already have an account for another persolog platform (e.g. persolog Webshop, eport or Keelearning), you can also log in to Profile Administration with this account.

In the Profile Administration you can do this by clicking on the user icon user and then on Login.

How to register

If you don’t have an account yet, you can simply register. In the Profile Administration you can do that by clicking on the user icon user and then on register.

Create Account
Create Account
You can then use the newly created account for all other persolog platforms. So you don’t have to register again if you want to buy profiles in the webshop.

Customize account settings

Via the user icon user you can adjust your account settings. Click on 'Personal Account'.

Change Account settings
Change Account settings

Change access data

Your email address, name and password are identical for all persolog instances, so they are grayed out here. You can change them by clicking on 'Change account settings'.

If you change your access data, this will be adjusted centrally for all persolog instances, i.e. also for the store or our LMS.

Customize other settings

You can adjust the settings in your account as it suits your purposes.

The settings are the basis for creating and sending the questionnaires. Click on Save to apply your changes.


If you enter a company name, your participant will receive this name (with your name) in the questionnaire mail.

Standard language

If you choose 'English' as Standard language, your profiles will automatically be created in English. Of course you can always change the language again within a project. However, if you only organize French seminars, it is best to change the Standard language to French.

Standard profile recipient(s)

There are 3 options for profile recipients:

  1. Contact person (you): This means the profiles will always go to you only. However, you can still share them with your participant later on

  2. Both: This means that both you and the participant will get direct access to the profile

  3. Participant: This means that only the participant can see their own profile. You do not have access to it (you only see that the profile is there, but you cannot view it).

Delete account

You can also delete your account at any time by clicking the 'Delete account' button.

If you delete your account, all profiles and projects that are in the account will also be deleted. The participant will also no longer be able to access the profile.

Buy online profiles

For customers from Germany and Austria there are basically 2 ways to purchase online profiles: via the persolog webshop or directly via monthly billing in the Profile Administration.

Via the persolog Webshop for customers from Germany & Austria

Online profiles can be purchased directly in the persolog Webshop. To do so, simply select the 'Online profile' format in the webshop on the page of the respective profile.

Online Profile in Webshop
Online Profile in the persolog Webshop
From the language selection you can see which languages already exist for the Online Profile, but you can always change the language in the Profile Administration, even if you have purchased an Online Profile in a specific language.

If you don’t have any profiles yet, you can see all the profiles that are currently available in the Profile Administration after logging in. You can buy each profile directly in the webshop via the link 'Buy profiles' and then use it immediately.

Profile Administration before Profile Purchases
Profile Administration before Profile Purchases

After the successful completion of the profile purchase in the webshop, we will send you a confirmation email with a short instruction on how to use the profiles in the Profile Administration. The purchased Online Profiles will be available for you to use in the Profile Administration immediately after the purchase.

rofile Overview with the Personality Factor Profile
Profile Overview with the Personality Factor Profile
1 After successfully purchasing an Online Profile in the webshop, you will see the profile at the top of the Profile Administration.
2 Here you can see the number of profiles you have of this type.
3 The profiles you don’t have yet can now be found below by clicking on 'more profiles'.
You can also add a profile that you don’t already have to the profile overview above. Click on the heart symbol next to the profile. This way you can already create a project for this profile and maintain all participants before you have to buy a profile.

Via Monthly Billing

For existing customers who make frequent profile purchases, we offer Monthly Billing. In this case, profiles can be purchased directly in the Profile Administration as needed and are then billed in a collected invoice at the end of the month.

If you are interested in Monthly Billing, you can contact our support. We will then review your request and get in touch with you.

This is how Monthly Billing works:

If Monthly Billing is activated in your account, you will see a link 'Monthly billing' next to the webshop link 'Buy profiles' in the profile overview for each profile. This link will take you to the page where you can directly buy the desired number of profiles for this profile type. So you don’t leave the Profile Administration, but buy the profiles directly there.

Profile Purchase via Monthly Billing
Profile Purchase via Monthly Billing
The profile purchase is made by clicking the 'Purchase now' button and is binding.

You can see how many profiles you have already bought in the current month via the Monthly Billing by clicking on the user icon user and selecting Profile Purchases (you need to be logged in for this). All profiles will be displayed and a small blue circle will contain the number of profiles purchased this month for that profile type. Below that, each individual profile purchase is listed in a table with date and quantity.

Overview over Profile Purchases
Overview over Profile Purchases

Online Profiles for customers from other countries

If you are not from Germany or Austria, please contact our support. We will show you possibilities how you can also use persolog Online.

Use profiles

There are two ways to use purchased profiles.

Via Add Participants

If you already know exactly which participants you want to send a questionnaire link to, you can click 'Use profile' at the respective profile in the profile overview and select 'Add participants'.

Via direct link

If you don’t know exactly which subscribers you want to reach (for example, for profiles you use to find new employees) or if you don’t communicate with your subscribers by email, you can create a direct link.

With a direct link, you just specify how many participants you expect (but you can always adjust this later) and a link is generated that you can share with your participants via any channel - so every participant gets the same link. You create a direct link by selecting 'Create direct link' in 'Use profile'.

Add participants

If you select 'Add participants' under 'Use profiles', you will get to the following page.

Add Participants
Add Participants
1 Select profile language for the participants in this project:. You can freely choose between all available profile languages here, no matter what you specified when purchasing from the webshop.
2 Select profile recipient: The profile recipient determines who will have access to the participant’s generated profile in the end. You can choose between contact (yourself), the participant and both of you.
3 Customize project name: You can change the generated name for the project you are creating participants for as you wish.
4 Set focus for participants:. For profiles that are filled out for a specific focus (environment), you can select which focus to use for all participants in the project (i.e. 'at work'). This is not a required field, if you don’t specify anything here, the participant can choose which focus to use when filling out the questionnaire.
5 Enter participant data: Here you enter the data of your participants.
Each profile can later also be reordered free of charge in one of the other available profile languages.
You can change the default profile language and setting for the profile recipients in your [Account Settings]. For example, if you select only the participant as the profile recipient for each project, you can preset it there and each project will automatically have this setting.

Important: When entering the participant data, it is mandatory to specify the e-mail address per participant. In addition, the last name or first name and last name can also be specified.

This is how you enter the address
  • Email address only: If you are entering email addresses only, you can simply enter them in the participant data field separated by a line break:

Maintain other data: If you also want to maintain first or last name, separate the data with a space: Monika Muster (1) Muster (2)

(1) Email address, first name and last name

(2) email address and last name

If you click on the 'Preview' button, you will see what participant data would be saved per participant and it will check if your information is correct.

After you have clicked on 'Save', the participants and the project will be created and you will get to the project overview. You can also change the names and email addresses of your participants there.

After you have entered and saved the participant data, the participants are saved in the project and are displayed to you. In order for the participants to complete the questionnaire, you must now send the questionnaire link.

This is how it works: Send questionnaire link
  • You can either click on 'Send questionnaire link' for each participant individually.

  • or you can activate all participants at once.

If you see the button 'Buy profiles' instead of the button 'Send questionnaire link', you do not have any profiles of the profile type used in the project. You can then simply click on the button to buy profiles in the Webshop and then use them directly here.
Send questionnaire link to all participants at the same time:

You activate all participants at the same time by clicking on the icon with the three dots at the top of the project overview and selecting 'Send questionnaire link to all' under 'Actions for all participants'.

Set profile receiver

You should be sure to specify the profile recipients, as you cannot change this information once at least one of the participants in the project has received the questionnaire.

The participant sees in the questionnaire who receives the profile and agrees to it, so that the recipient may not change afterwards for data protection reasons.

If you select that only the participant should receive the profile, then you also have no possibility to get the profile via the Profile Administration. If you select that only you should get the profile, you still have the possibility to share the profile with the participant later.

My participant has several first names

If your subscriber has multiple first names and you specify them in the subscriber attachment, the middle name and each additional first name will be interpreted as part of the last name.

After saving, however, you can use the three dots in the project overview to adjust the participant data again and explicitly specify what belongs to the first name and what to the last name.

Change participant Edit participants

If you want to work with a direct link, select the option 'Create direct link' in 'Use profile'.

As with the [Add participant] option, you can here

  • select the project name,

  • focus and

  • profile language, and

  • set the profile recipients.

Instead of entering all participants with their data, you only enter the maximum number of participants that can fill out the questionnaire via this direct link under 'Number of participants'.

Don’t worry, you can adjust this later and also increase it when the number of participants is exhausted. You will even receive an email informing you that the contingent of participants for the direct link has been used up.
In order to create a direct link, you must already have as many profiles as participants should be able to use your direct link.

After you have entered and saved the number of participants, the project view with the direct link is displayed. You can either open this link directly or copy it to the clipboard.

You can now share the link with your participants. When they maintain their data and start filling out the questionnaire, they will be automatically added to the project.

If you want that the direct link can no longer be used, but you still need the project itself, then you can delete the direct link, the project will then be converted into a project with manually maintained participants. All participants who have already started to fill out the questionnaire will be kept. In the same way you can convert a manually maintained project into a direct link. Both options can be found by clicking on the icon with the three dots in the project overview and selecting either 'Delete direct link' or 'Convert to direct link project'.

Get participant information

You have the possibility to display more detailed information about the participant. Specifically, you can see where the participant currently stands (status) and you can also display which link the participant used to get to the questionnaire.

This is especially important if the participant has not received an email about the questionnaire - in this case you can simply copy the link and send it to the participant.

Just click on the 3 dots next to the participant and then 'Participant Details'.

Get participant information
Get participant information

Participant activities

If you as a trainer want to know when you sent which profile to which participant and what the current status is, you can call up a detailed list of participant activities with timestamps under the 3 dots in "Activity for participant".

Participant activities
Participant activities

Share profiles

If you have only entered yourself as the profile recipient, you can share the profile afterwards via the system, then the participant will automatically receive the profile via our profile download.

Just click on the button 'Share profile', which appears as soon as a participant’s profile exists.

Send email from project overview to all participants

On the right side click on the 3 points. There is a function "Send email to all participants". If you click on it, your standard email program will open and all participants of the project will be automatically put into the BCC with their email address.

send link to all participants
send link to all participants

Add new profile language for download

Regardless of the language you selected when purchasing the profile, you always have the option to download the profile in all available languages.

This is how it works: Download profiles in other languages
  1. Simply click on the 3 dots next to the participant and select 'New profile language'.

  2. There you can use the drop-down to add the desired profile language.

  3. It takes a moment until the profile is added and generated in the new language.

  4. Once the new profile is available, you can select the profile with the new language under 'Download Profile'.

Add a new profile language
Add a new profile language
You can only select the profile language per participant. This does not apply to all participants of the project.

Language overview of the profiles

In the profile overview, you can display product details via the 3 dots next to the respective profile. There you can see in which languages the respective profile is available.

If you also want to know in which languages other persolog profiles are available, you can simply click on More information under the languages. There you will get an overview page with all profiles, questionnaires and available languages.

Delete participants

Click on the 3 dots next to the participant you want to delete and click on 'Delete participant' or 'Delete participant and profile'.

If the participant has already completed the questionnaire, the profile will still be deducted from your stock and the information about the completed profile is deleted.
If the participant has not yet completed the questionnaire or has not even started, the profile will be credited to you again.

Just go to the 3 dots on the project overview in the upper right corner to delete the direct link.

If you delete a direct link and participants have already completed the questionnaire, the profiles will still be deducted from your stock and the information about the completed profiles will be deleted. However, the number of profiles that have not yet been filled out will be credited to you again.

Project settings

Edit project settings

You can also edit your project settings afterwards. You have 2 possibilities:

  1. via the link below the data in the project 'Edit project settings' or

  2. via the 3 points 'Edit project settings'.

There you can change the profile language, the focus and the profile recipient - provided that the questionnaire link has not been sent yet.

You can change the project name at any time.

Sort projects via tags

In the project settings you have the possibility to assign tags to quickly and easily find projects in your project overview.

Create tags

Just enter the terms under 'Tags', under which you want to find the project later. You can simply separate the terms with commas, so that they are accepted as different tags.

How to enter the tags correctly
testseminar, testcompany, teamseminar
As soon as you press the space key, the tag will be displayed as such.
Search for tags

You can now filter for all created tags in the project overview. Just click in the tags field and you will see all the tags you have created. You can also start typing the desired tag. Also in this case this tab will pop up and you can simply select it.

Filter by Tags
Filter by Tags

When you select a tag in the search, only the projects to which you have assigned this tag will be displayed.

Delete project

Just go to the 3 dots on the project overview in the upper right corner to delete the project.

If you delete a project, all information and documents are deleted - also for the participants.

Group charts

Create group charts

For some profiles you have the possibility to create 2 different group charts: the basic chart Basic-Chart and the detailed group chart Group-Chart. You will then get an overview of the results of your participants within a project.

Both charts are free and can be generated as soon as there are completed questionnaires in the project.

If you want to know more about what the difference between the basic chart and the group chart is, feel free to contact our support.
This is how you can create the charts:

You generally have 2 ways within a project to create the charts:

  1. Via the 2 icons (chart or group icon) next to the project name. To get the chart, just click on the icon. For the basic chart Basic-Chart a new page will open automatically. For the Group-Chart Group-Chart a small pop-up window with the overview of your participants will appear first. You can then decide for yourself whether you want to keep the group chart for individual participants only or integrate all participants.

  2. Via the 3 dots at the top right of the project overview. There you can select whether you want to generate the basic chart or the group chart.

Add a new group chart language for download

Regardless of the language your project is created in, you always have the possibility to download the group chart in all available languages.

To add more languages, a group chart must already be created.
Here’s how: Download group chart in other languages
  1. Simply click on the 3 dots next to the group chart and select 'New profile language'.

  2. In the pop-up you have to select all participants that should be considered for the group chart. Important: The settings of the participants from the original group chart can unfortunately not be taken over automatically, so you have to select them again.

  3. Furthermore, you can add the desired profile language via the drop-down.

  4. It takes a moment until the group chart is added and generated in the new language.

  5. Once the new group chart is available, you can select the group chart with the new language under "Download group chart".

Add new Download language
Add new Download language

There is a possibility to link accounts so that someone else has the rights over your account. An account can only ever be linked to another account from the account that passes the rights. There is no possibility to ask another account for editing rights.

Transfer account rights - this is how it works

This is how you transfer the rights for your account to someone else:

  1. You click on 'personal account'.

  2. At the bottom the button 'link account' link accounts appears, you click on it

  3. In the pop-up you can choose a) which email address should get the permission to manage your profiles/projects and b) which access rights the person should get

Link Accounts
Link Accounts
  1. Confirm via the button 'Link account'. The account to which you have assigned the rights now has access to your projects or can assign profiles to you.

Du kannst jemandem nur das Recht geben, dass er/sie dir Profile zuweisen darf, dh Profile eines Profils auf deinen Account draufpacken kann (Profile übertragen) oder aber du kannst jemandem das Recht geben, komplette Projekte in deinem Account zu bearbeiten (Projekte verwalten & Profile übertragen).

Note that users with access to your projects can create new projects, add and edit participants, and send questionnaire links. Example: I am a trainer and I want to give my assistant the ability to purchase online profiles through the store, assign them to me, and then send the profiles on my account. The profiles will be deducted from your account as if you were managing your projects yourself.

However, for data security reasons, other users will not have access to the created profiles of your participants.

This is how it looks in the shared account

When the accounts are successfully linked, the account owner who has an account shared will also see this in their project settings under 'Personal Account'.

Linked Accounts
Linked Accounts

Delete linked account

If you no longer want an account you shared to be able to assign profiles to you or control your projects, you can delete the link at any time using the 'delete icon' delete-link.

Create/edit projects in a shared account

If an account has been shared with you, you can edit or create projects in this account at any time via the project view. To do this, simply select the correct account name via the drop-down at the top right and then edit your projects as usual.

Change Accounts
Change Accounts

Share profiles

To share profiles with another account, click 'Profile Transfer' under the user icon user. Here you can transfer profiles from your account to another user’s account.

Transfer Profiles
Transfer Profiles

You can transfer a maximum of the number of profiles that you still own to another account that you have shared. If you want to transfer more profiles, you have to buy more profiles first.