Data Privacy

How we value data privacy for trainers and participants

At persolog, data protection and privacy are very important to us, because only if we deal with data in a trustworthy manner can we optimally advise and develop people.

This is why we would like to explain here how we handle the data we collect and what you should pay attention to as a trainer in order to optimally protect the privacy of your participants and thus create a trustworthy basis for cooperation.

Responsibility at persolog. At persolog, we take care that all data collected online is stored securely and is only available to users who have been explicitly granted access. We therefore provide the platform, which is designed accordingly secure and can be used by you as a trainer.

Your responsibility. You as a trainer are responsible for maintaining the access settings correctly so that the data of your participants are only available to the persons authorized by them. The Profile Administration helps you by allowing only you as a trainer/administrator to access the profile of your participants and then gives you the opportunity to extend this access to the participant himself. The system does not grant access to other persons.

If you want to share the profile of a participant in another way (e.g. by e-mail) with someone else, you must ask the participant concerned beforehand and have them explicitly agree.

Server location. Our servers are provided by Scaleway, a european, sustainable cloud hosting provider with headquarters in france. All servers are exclusively located in the european union and no non-european subcontractors are used whatsoever.

Recipient transparency. Before filling out the questionnaire, the participant will be listed all the people who will have access to his profile. The participant must then explicitly agree to this.

Data revocation. After filling out the questionnaire, it is possible for the participant to revoke his data at any time. Thereupon, all data of the participant will be deleted.

Data information. In addition, a participant can at any time receive information about the data stored about him.

Error handling. If a participant's profile is leaked to someone who is not supposed to receive it, you must immediately inform the participant and the office responsible for the data leak. You must also do this if you yourself have triggered the data leak (e.g. through a setting error).

Help. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement, you can always contact us at Additional and more detailed instructions can also be found in our dpa.

Revocation of personal data. If you want to revoke your personal data collected for the purpose of a questionnaire, you can do so as follows:

1. First, go to the email where you started the respective questionnaire.

2. There, you need to click "start questionnaire" again.

3. On this page, you will find a point in orange that says "DonĀ“t know this person?". Click on this link and a dropdown field will open.

4. There, you will find the option "delete your profile" with which you revoke your personal data.

Please note, that deleting your personal data from your account and your contact's account is irreversible and cannot be undone.

Before revoking your data, you have to download your profile results, as they will otherwise be lost and cannot be restored. Upon receipt of your revocation, we will delete your data immediatly, unless there are legal reasons against it.

It is best to contact your responsible trainer before revoking the data. Please note that revoking your consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing that occured before the consent was given.
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